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Message from the CEO

DX to make renewable energy the norm

We created DIGITAL GRID to support a society centered on renewable energy. Our goal is to create a society unlimited by energy constraints, using digital technology to manage fluctuations in renewable energy power generation due to weather. We aim to make our society a sustainable one, by making use of natural resources that are renewable instead of relying on finite fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum.

Digital Grid is a term for technology developed by Prof. Rikiya Abe of University of Tokyo in 2008 for trading electricity where energy is color coded by its source. Initially, the concept was premature since electricity flowed only in one direction, from large-scale power generation facilities such as fossil and nuclear power plants operated by major regional utilities to users. Now, more than a decade later, rooftop solar power generation facilities are becoming common.

Decarbonization is becoming the norm and shifting to renewable energy nowadays enhances corporate value. We are committed to democratizating energy procurement by leveraging our technology and our network.

Representative Director & President

Our mission and philosophy


“To democratize power procurement”


“To allow future generations to live without worry over energy”


  • Be on the edge

    The cutting edge of the era
    The cutting edge of society
    The cutting edge of work
    The edge of your ability
    Be on the edge
    Facing a headwind, your knees quake,
    there's no road ahead, but you don't turn back
    Because you chose this path
    Be on the edge

  • Go farther together

    Some can carry heavy loads
    Some can walk fast
    Some are good at reading maps
    Some are good at talking to strangers
    Some are good at sensing danger
    Some can always brighten the mood
    Our journey is very, very long and tough
    So let's go, farther together

  • Don't give up your youth

    Things you can never forget
    Things you understand less the more you know
    The nice times, the tough times
    Little things that excited us and discouraged us
    Our friends were always there
    People were there to lead us
    Never be a know-it-all "grown-up"
    Stay gold
    We’ll never give up our youth