RE Bridge

Japan's first
Virtual PPA
auction platform RE Bridge

One-stop service for finding
renewable energy buyers and sellers

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Having trouble buying or selling
renewable energy?

Seller (power generator)
Want to make
renewable energy
but can't find buyers?
Want to sell
renewable energy at
the highest price?
I can't find generators
that meet
my requirements.
one by one takes
too much time.

Try RE Bridge!

RE Bridge
RE Bridge is an assisted auction site
where sellers and buyers can both
find the perfect partner.
DIGITAL GRID will support you with the auction.

\ Benefits for both sellers and buyers! /
RE Bridge's top 3 features

Seller Buyer

Auction format finds the ideal transaction price

Direct transaction provides cost
savings over selling to a utility.
RE Bridge support
includes deal closing.

Register in minutes!
Enter your terms on the site and find a buyer

Simply enter data for the planned renewable generation plant
and it is sent to potential buyers.

It’s easy to search
Find a seller (generator) meeting your criteria

Find a generator to meet your needs easily by specifying detailed criteria.

Features of Virtual PPA

Meets Financing Criteria

Long-term, fixed-price contract is bankable to finance generation projects.

Buy and sell anywhere nationwide

Energy can be bought and sold beyond the generator's local area.

No need to change your utility contract

Maintain your current utility contract, no complicated contract changes needed.

Case studies

Buyer: Sony Group Corporation
Seller: OTS, LLC

Procured non-FIT, non-fossil certificates with additionality at stable long-term prices while maintaining its utility contract.
see press release (Case studies in Japanese)

Buyer: Ricoh Co., Ltd.
Seller: EcoKamiken CO.,LTD.

Procurement with stable, long-term pricing with additionality while maintaining its utility contract.
see press release (Case studies in Japanese)

Using our services

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Dedicated Virtual PPA
Auction Site

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One-stop service for finding renewable energy buyers and sellers
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