Choose by price, source and rate variability.

Power trading platform for users to choose their electric power.

About DGP

To meet the growing need to decarbonize, companies can now choose
their power source, price, and how to procure it, not limited to one utility's offering.

DG redefines the electric power contract, helping each buyer meet its individual needs.
Power supply options have been dictated by the utilities Now you can make your own choices
For the first time, companies can
make their own choices,
using the latest AI and system technology.

Why choose DGP?

Freedom of choice

Freedom of choice

Flexibility in balancing price, portfolio and renewable ratio.
Diverse options

Diverse options

A wide range of generators means you can choose from multiple suppliers to meet your requirements.
Reliable Support System

Reliable Support System

Consultation services and market reports help even customers new to the market buy with confidence.
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Benefits of using DGP

“I want to buy power at the lowest price possible”

100% market-based prices Buy on the same market as the utilities

“I want to guard against future rate increases”

30% market price + 70% fixed price Choose your own price ratio

“I want to choose certain renewable sources”

30% renewable + 70% nonrenewable Various levels of renewable, corporate PPA and self consignment also available

DGP buyers receive weekly market reports
Optimize your power procurement.

DGP Case Studies

Short term Corporate PPA

Takashimaya Co., Ltd.
ReENE Co., Ltd.
see press release (Case studies in Japanese)


Sunlife Co.,Ltd.
see press release (Case studies in Japanese)

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procurement menu now!

Other services


Simple application process
Simple alternative to acquire
environmental value at low cost

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DIGITAL GRID Corporation

DIGITAL GRID Corporation aims to democratize power procurement.
We operate Digital Grid Platform (DGP), the first Japanese power trading platform
operated by a private company, with more than 60 investors as our business partners.

DIGITAL GRID Corporation