• 2016.11.30
    • News that an outside director of our company took office as.
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    • The outside director are as follows:
      Kensuke FukawaOutside Director

    • 2016.11.1
    • News that an auditor of our company took office as.
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    • The auditor are as follows:
      Ryotaro YamamotoAuditor

    • 2016.10.20
    • News of investment from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to Digital grid Inc.
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    • On October 19,We entered into a business contract about the investment between JICA.
      This is the first venture corporate spending in the overseas investing and financing duties that JICA reopened in October, 2012.
      In addition, it becomes the first business carried out in Sub-Saharan Africa.
      We do retail business of the electricity that targeted non-electrification area. The business name is "WASSHA".
      By this increase of capital, we aim at the further expansion of this WASSHA in Sub-Saharan Africa led by Tanzania.

      The Japanese whole sentence is as follows;
      [報道関係者各位_プレスリリース全文 2016/10/20]

      Picture:JICA/Mr.Shinichi Kuno

      JICA Offical URL
      The BRIDGE Offical URL

    • 2016.5.1_2
    • News of the Executive officer assumption of office
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    • Executive officers are as follows:
      Toshibumi IinumaChief Marketing Officer
      Tatsuki YonedaChief Operations Officer

    • 2016.5.1
    • News of the company merger
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    • On May 1, 2016, Digital Grid Inc. merged Digital Grid Solutions Inc. which was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digital Grid Inc.

      Directors are as follows;
      Satoshi AkitaChief Executive Officer
      Atsushi ShitoChief Financial Officer