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Summary of Achievements

Demonstration of Blockchain-based Trading of Renewable Energy Value

Demonstration of Blockchain-based Trading of Renewable Energy Value
2018, Ministry of the Environment

Developing Carbon Reduction Value (CREV) model based on the DGC (Digital Grid Controller) for renewable energy businesses using block-chain technology, which had traditionally been difficult to aggregate due to technical and procedural difficulties.
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Urawamisono District Demonstrator Project

Implementing a Low Carbon Technology Research,
Development and Demonstration Program named Digital Grid Router (DGR) and Power Interchange Settlement System to Accelerate the Introduction of Renewable Energy.

Conducting development aimed at demonstrating electrical power interchanges between newly-built smart houses, a large shopping mall, and convenience stores.
The control of this system was conducted on the cloud using Blockchain Technology.
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Fukushima Project

Fukushima Innovation-Coast Project on Promotion of Concepts
for Facilities Maintenance, Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry

A demonstration project conducted from 2016, in a factory in the Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, where the power from diesel generators and solar power systems is distributed and supplied to the grid according to the specified priority.
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Wakura Project

Autonomous decentralized low-carbon Energy Society Construction Promotion Project, 2014, Ministry of the Environment

This project was adopted as a Ministry of the Environment as a self-distributed low-carbon Energy Society Promotion Project, and in the three-year plan from 2014, as an independent and decentralized energy system construction project using a digital grid router.
Three sets of DGR was established in the Rainbow and the Sea of Wakura Onsen in Ishikawa Prefecture, and the demonstration test was carried out.
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